Circumvent YouTube's adblocker ban using Invidious

If you despise Google's move of enforcing ad viewing on YouTube by banning adblockers from the Chrome web store and detecting their usage in other browsers (namely Firefox), the solution - for now - might just be Invidious, an alternative frontend for YouTube which does not seem to be affected as of yet. As a piece of open source software, it is decentralized and meant to be self-hosted, but thankfully several public instances are available for people who do not have the technical and/or monetary capacity to host their own.

Once you have selected your instance of choice, though, you might lament the lack of practicality in moving away from the platform which learnt your habits over the years and where, among other things, your subscriptions reside. There is a pretty easy way to get the best of both worlds, though: navigate YouTube as you usually would and just delegate the playing to Invidious by using a bookmarklet which will redirect you from the former to the latter:

javascript: (() => window.location = "https://some.invidious.instance/watch?v=" +[?&]v=([a-zA-Z0-9_-]+)/).pop())();

Feel free to share your own tips and tricks to resist unwarranted content merchandization!